iASPIRE is a 3 month structured mentorship program that is made up of key building blocks to help young adults and fresh graduates find their purpose in their career and inclination.

The key program objective aims to be able to help the young adult transit smoothly from student or NS life into career life and nurture young professionals into becoming future leaders at work. After which, we hope to inspire the mentees to pay it forward and contribute back in the future.


Career Lighthouse

Enable you to navigate your career and life goals with better clarity through mentorship with experienced and seasoned professionals, as you start new jobs, discover new opportunities, and explore new paths that will shape your professional lives.

Life Skills Hacker

Learn and practise essential life skills that shape your inner thoughts, build resilience and confidence to navigate the new economy.

Industry Insider

Gain industry insights from our invited professionals and thought leaders to help you make informed career decisions.

Our Mentors

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Words from our Mentees and Mentors


Renae Pung



Julius Cordell



Lum Zi Zhong



Hazel Sam


Renae :

I joined the program to learn what work life is like from more experienced people. I have grown more as a person and have managed to overcome some of my obstacles at work. I have also gained more self-confidence.


As a mentor in the iASPIRE, I was able to speak to the new generation. This program has allowed me to engage with other people i.e. other mentors, especially during this pandemic where interactions were minimal.

Zhi Zhong:

iASPIRE was a good opportunity to learn from the experts in the industry. My mentor, Hazel gave me tips on my job interview and I managed to get the job, thanks to her!


iASPIRE  has allowed me to give back to society by helping the younger generation. The structured program prepares me with adequate guidelines which are easy to follow.  In addition, I continue to be intrigued by the potential of the younger generation and also learnt a lot from my mentee, Zhi Zhong.

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