Where Mentors Come Together To Create A Better World

Who are we

Creating a safe and supportive society through mentoring

Voices of Asia (VOA) is a Singapore-based social enterprise founded in 2010 to create a safe and supportive society for youths. We help develop an ecosystem that leverages data-driven technology to support their journeys via mentoring and learning. We aim to tackle mental health issues, depression and suicide through new ways, pushing the boundaries in areas never ventured into before. We dare to, we want to, and we need help to make it happen.


VOA believes that it takes a village to raise a child and we must all be in it together. WeConnect is ground-up self-funded platform built to achieve this vision.

Mentoring can change the world

Mentoring is a loosely used word, but if we can put some structure and accountability to it, many lives can be transformed. Watch these videos to see what thought leaders think about mentoring

What we do

Contribute to the developing the mentoring ecosystem

Through our projects and digital mentoring platform, VOA contributes to the development of the mentoring ecosystem in Singapore.

We Reach Out to Young People

We run projects and come alongside youths to grow together

University student


At risk youth


Young professionals

We Leverage Technology to Make Social Impact

Employing tech solutions to meet mentoring and learning needs among youths in Singapore through the WeConnect App

How you can be a part of this movement 

Join our projects

Be a volunteer, mentor or a mentee in our projects!

Sign up on the national mentoring platform WeConnect

Come onboard the platform to look for a mentor or mentee suitable for you!

Support our work

Support our fundraising efforts on GIVE.asia! 

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