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February 28- July 25, 2022



Application for BLOOM is now open!

Do you someone/ are you someone who is fresh out of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and is looking for better footing, clarity in career and working life? Are you/Do you know someone who is starting a new job?

 Join BLOOM, a 6-month structured mentoring program, for young adults who have recently graduated from ITE in the last 2 years.

By joining this program, you will be mentored by an experienced mentor who will be able to broaden your industry knowledge as well as learn soft skills through workshops and events.

 This program will run from 28 February to 25 July.


The iLEAD Project

Waitlist for The iLEAD Project is now open.

Are you 35 or below and in your first 18 months and progressing as a new manager?

The iLEAD Project is a structured mentoring program that can elevate your learning by providing tactful, strategic insights into processes and people-related scenarios.



The saying goes, “no two days in marketing are the same” – the marketing realms are constantly evolving, from offline to online, from virtual-ready to virtual-first, just to elucidate a few. What I relish as a mentor is to share these exciting forefront developments with mentees, to marry what they learn from theories with real world underpinnings, so they can meaningfully ascertain if the daily challenge of managing the marketing mix suits them!

Lau Wah Yue, Executive Coach

Mentor, The iLEAD Project

Throughout this mentorship, Dan has received valuable advice and assurance from his mentor, whether they are decisions on his career or life. The reassurance has helped him, especially during the times that he was going through a job transition into a new industry. He mentions that it was also a great journey with the iLEAD Project team. With his newfound skillset and experience, Dan has now joined the SIT ( Singapore Institute of Technology) mentorship program with his fellow juniors and alumnus and is excited to engage and exchange with different people from all walks of life, while continuing to enrich his learning journey.

Dan Lim

Mentee, The iLEAD Project

Joining the Voices of Asia Mentorship Program was one of the best decisions Alina made as a graduating student amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the privilege of being mentored by Rocky Esguerra, Regional HR Leader, Pfizer Emerging Asia, Alina quotes Rocky was “a joy to work with, as a great listener who gives honest feedback and insightful advice”.

Under Rocky’s mentorship, Alina picked up soft and hard practical skills and knowledge, like speaking confidently and having a work-life balance, which has, in turn, made her a more confident person. Rocky’s cheerful demeanour and dedication as a mentor made their weekly sessions over the past 3 months extremely fruitful and enjoyable.

Alina believes that Rocky’s mentorship will leave a lasting impact on her personal and professional development and she is grateful for it.

Alina Toh

Mentee, iASPIRE Program

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