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Mentoring Stories

Hear from our Mentors & Mentees their mentoring journeys
together with Voices of Asia’ programs

Christine & Hui Lin

Christine and Hui Lin are part of the iLEAD Project in 2020. Hui Lin was encouraged to join the program by her colleagues at work, and she also wanted to hear from someone who is more experienced in her field of work. Through Voices of Asia, she managed to hear from many professional speakers through casual chit-chat sessions and had many takeaways from them. “The iLEAD Project allowed me to find a mentor that I am able to talk to freely, and our relationship went beyond to the personal level!” says mentee Hui Lin. Advised by her mentor, Hui Lin stepped out of her comfort zone and took the IHRP certification process, enhancing her professional mastery and upgrading her HR competency.

From the mentoring journey, Christine learned a lot from Hui Lin, especially about the mindset and thinking process of the younger generation. “Through the iLEAD Project, I get to connect with a lot of people from different backgrounds, and we are able to leverage on each other’s strengths,” says mentor Christine. She feels that the view on mentorship these days are wrongly perceived. “People often think that mentorship is only about work, but that is not true. The conversations I have with Hui Lin is not only about work, but we engage on a more personal level as well.”

Hazel and Zi Zhong

Hazel and Zi Zhong are part of the iASPIRE Program in 2020. Fresh out of graduation, Zi Zhong felt that the program was a good opportunity to learn from experts in the industry. “Hazel gave me tips on overcoming my job interview and I managed to get the job thanks to her!” says mentee Zi Zhong. The iASPIRE Program provided a platform for Zi Zhong to meet new people and get to talk to people from different age groups, hearing about their experiences.

To Hazel, the iASPIRE Program allows her to give back to the society through helping the younger generation. The structured program prepares her with adequate guidelines which are easy to follow.  In addition, she continues to be intrigued by the potential of the younger generation and also learn a lot from her mentee, Zi Zhong.

Julius and Renae

Julius and Renae are part of the iASPIRE Program in 2020. The biggest challenge for Renae was the switch to work life from schooling, and she felt that her internship did not prepare her well enough. This is what made her join the program, to learn what work life is like from more experienced people. When she was having trouble in her work, Julius recommended her to think from another perspective by being more empathetic towards others. This made Renae grow more as a person and she managed to overcome her obstacles at work. More importantly, through the program, she became more confident about herself and her colleague’s perspective of her started to change for the better.

The main takeaway for Julius as a mentor was being able to speak to the new generation, as he does not get much opportunity to speak to people at other levels of the organization. Being relatively new to Singapore, meetings with the group of mentors that participated in the program allows for more engagement with other people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where interactions with people were minimal. 

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