About The iLEAD Project

The iLEAD Project is a 4-month program that nurtures aspiring first-time managers or business owners or entrepreneurs,  aged 21 to 35 years old, on their leadership journey of acquiring new skills, new ways of thinking and develop their ability to negotiate, influence with a positive impact


Enable you to gain practical insights and valuable perspectives through mentorship with experienced and senior leaders from different industry backgrounds to nurture leadership potentials and cultivate a growth mindset for success, both personally and professionally.

Learn from some of the well-known trainers/speakers and thought leaders to further develop your leadership journey with practical tips to navigate the challenging workplace.


Connect with our invited professional trainers/speakers as well as engage with our community of mentors and mentees to expand your network to learn and share more knowledge

Words from our Mentees and Mentors

Christine Chan

Christine Chan


Hui Lin

Lee Hui Lin



Juslene Aw


Sky Teo



Fong Mei Teng


Christine :

As a mentor in the iLEAD Project, I get to connect with people from different backgrounds, which allows us to leverage on each other’s strengths. The program also taught me that there is a lot to learn from my mentee, especially about the mindset of the younger generation. I think people often have the misconception that mentorship is only about work but actually, the conversations I have with Hui Lin, my mentee, are also on a personal level!

Hui Lin :

Through Voices of Asia, I managed to hear from many professional speakers through casual chit-chat sessions and had many takeaways from them. The iLEAD Project allowed me to find a mentor that I am able to talk to freely, and our relationship has blossomed  beyond to the personal level! With her guidance, I managed to stepped out of my comfort zone and take the IHRP certification process, which has enhanced my professional mastery and upgraded my HR competency. 


I am honored to be given the opportunity to join the iLEAD Project and given a chance to be a mentor, sharing my knowledge and ideas with my mentee.   I believe that mentoring is a two-way learning process which allows my mentees to seek clarity and guidance to realise their potiential while on the other hand, allows for me to reflect and look at my own management style and broaden my network.


During my time at the iLEAD Project, i learnt how to build a good relationship with my colleagues, through open communication and understanding of the situation. Alongside with my mentor, Juslene, she has encouraged me to be more confident in my communication skills and to have better ideas with clear goals.

Mei Teng:

The iLEAD Project has provided me with an opportunity to network and exchange ideas. My Mentor, Juslene has been very approachable and knowledgeable in her field and takes a genuine interest in my career growth and personal development. Her advice enabled me to have a clearer sense of direction of what my goals were. While journeying with my mentor, I have learnt presentation skills, time management and how to set goals. I am truly grateful for being selected for this programme and would highly recommend it to others.

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