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iASPIRE Program Stories

This mentorship program aims to provide a structured program for mentees to gain inspiration and support from mentors as they begin their career. With regular events organised for mentees, mentees can gain new insights into various career paths and soft skills that will shape their professional lives. Having a seasoned professional and/or leader to serve as a sounding board during times of pivotal decisions is crucial.
iASPIRE Program

iLEAD Program Stories

Targeted at first-time managers or business owners below the age of 35, The iLEAD Project provides mentorship and leadership training opportunities in partnership with our network of highly successful industry leaders. This project is a great platform not only to network with current leaders and leaders of tomorrow, but to be part of an ecosystem focused on driving huge growth.


BLOOM is a mentorship program for ITE graduates, supporting them to transit smoothly from student or NS life to the working environment and find their career purpose and inclination, as they start new jobs, discover new opportunities, and explore new paths.
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