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Essential Communication Skills for a Hybrid Workplace

Zoom Singapore

We thank Lisa Partidge who is the Training Consultant from Sixcomms and Mark Oliver who is the Learning and Development Consultant from Octopus Professional Development for taking their time to hone our communication skills in the new hybrid workplace environment. Here are some takeaways that we have received from the event: Model the way: take […]

Panel Discussion: About Imposter Syndrome

Zoom Singapore

 We thank  Ee Chien Chua, Kai Ning Lim and Serene Cai for sharing about Imposter Syndrome and for sharing your stories and validating our worries as well as the solutions we can take to solve the issue in case we feel the same way too. Here are some takeaways we received from the event: 1) […]

iASPIRE Program: Winning the Corporate Maze

Zoom Singapore

We thank Eugene Seah from Trainium Academy for sharing about dilemmas in the workforce and guiding us in ways to build trust quickly in this modern and dynamic work environment. Here are some takeaways that we received from the event: 1) When faced with an uncomfortable situation or when given hard decisions, always be adaptable […]

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