Who We Are

Our Vision

Creating a safe and supportive society through mentoring

Voices of Asia (VOA) is a Singapore-based social enterprise founded in 2010 to create a safe and supportive society for youths. We help develop an ecosystem that leverages data-driven technology to support their journeys via mentoring and learning. We aim to tackle mental health issues, depression and suicide through new ways, pushing the boundaries in areas never ventured into before. We dare to, we want to, and we need help to make it happen.

VOA believes that it takes a village to raise a child and we must all be in it together. WeConnect is ground-up self-funded platform built to achieve this vision.

Our Mission

We leverage technology to help others grow in three pillars of self-development, family life and career development

VOA aims to help people grow in three pillars of self-development, family life and career development. To achieve this mission, we leverage the impact of technological solutions.

We started this movement with storytelling in 2010, with our leader volunteers inspiring corporate professionals through the retelling of their personal stories. Over time, we evolved to reach out serving university students and fresh graduates. We have also since started new projects focused on helping less privileged youths grow and helping young corporate managers equipped with essential skills.

Currently, while we still run various projects, focus has shifted to harnessing the potential influence of technology. In partnership with the Mentoring Alliance, we have developed WeConnect, the national mentoring platform built to reach all mentors and mentees in Singapore.

Core Values

Our values ground us

1. Embrace Diversity – Respect equality and diversity in the community and seeking to ensure a respectful and inclusive approach which embraces and explores individual difference
2. Care and share – Challenge one another to do better & in a safe & open environment
3. Progressive & relevant – Advocates continuous improvement and progress while remaining relevant in the growing pace of dynamic environment
4. Collaborate to win – Form relevant & open partnerships involving synergy of ideas & beliefs for a mutually beneficial outcome
5. Trust & accountability – Meet commitments, take personal accountability and empower others to do likewise

Our Team

Advisory Committee

Steering Committee


Kelvin Kong

Kelvin is a commercial leader turned HR leader who helps organizations build authentic leadership, dynamic teams and engaged employees while preparing them for the digital marketplace. He is currently Chief People Officer at Lazada Singapore.

He is a change-maker who has helped many organizations establish & drive business-led talent programs. As a HR leader, Kelvin has led various strategic initiatives such as senior management hiring and development and organisational restructuring. Supporting his career comes over 18 years of sales & marketing experience in some of the best companies in the world including Apple, DHL Express, Unilever & Lazada/Alibaba. The wide span of exposure has enabled him to serve effectively from both the business and talent side of the organization, across different industries such as e-Commerce, F&B, Media, Technology, FMCG and Logistics.

As a leader, Kelvin is a dynamic manager and coach, helping his team achieve great strategic goals. He has spoken in many conferences and has coached & mentored sales & customer service professionals across Asia, Middle East, Africa & Latin America. As a result of his demonstration of leadership, the teams he led are highly motivated and have consistently achieved their goals. As a facilitator, Kelvin is highly engaging and is always able to lead his participants to achieve the set learning objectives.

Apart from his career achievements, Kelvin has a heart for people, and he wants to make a difference through teaching and mentoring. To ensure that he supports people from a more holistic perspective, Kelvin has built his capabilities in the areas of family, youth and life coaching as well. He established the mentoring movement, Voices Of Asia, in 2010.

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