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VOA in Brief

Previous Projects

We have run projects in the past 10 years to develop and grow youths

Our first projects started in 2010 – with our leader volunteers inspiring others professionals through the retelling of their personal stories. These workshops allowed corporate professionals to glean from the experience of our leader volunteers and be better equipped to thrive in their career.

In 2017, we launched the Voices of Asia Mentoring Project – a mission to build community that learns and grows together. The VOA Mentoring Project was a year-long program for people who were looking to improve specific areas in their life, focused on supporting fresh graduates or those who have been in the workforce for no more than three years. This included events and workshops to provide training on soft skills like leadership, mentoring and resilience.

We have since put a pause the VOA Mentoring project, and shifted our focus to developing the WeConnect platform to match mentors and mentees. Find out more about the WeConnect platform.

Current Projects

Project Firefly

In partnership with various VWOs, Firefly was launched to provide youths between 16 to 25 years old from lower income families with a fairer chance in life. With the main focus on giving them a head-start in building their career and to develop their self-esteem, Firefly is a year-long mentoring program that grants them exposure and opportunities to hone skills. Register here.


Targeted at first-time managers or business owners below the age of 35, iLEAD provides mentorship and leadership training opportunities in partnership with our network of highly successful industry leaders. This project is a great platform not only to network with current leaders and leaders of tomorrow, but to be part of an ecosystem focused on driving huge growth. Find out more here. Register here.


This program focuses on sharing experience, providing inspiration and support from mentors as mentees start new jobs, discover new opportunities, and explore new paths that will shape their professional lives. Having a seasoned professional and/or leader to serve as a sounding board during times of pivotal decisions is crucial. Register to be a volunteer here and to be a participant here.

Partnership With MASg

VOA partners the Mentoring Alliance of Singapore to strengthen the mentoring ecosystem in Singapore

Voices Of Asia is part of the Mentoring Alliance Singapore (MASg), established to build a community of mentors and to uplift their capabilities. MASg comprises social organisations such as Reach Community Services, Architects of Life and Metropolitan YMCA. Apart from sharing resources, the alliance aims to assist youth agencies in establishing mentoring frameworks and standards. It also organises summits and regular meetings for partners and other involved parties to share and learn more about best mentoring practices.

Like other agencies that are part of the MASg, VOA plays an active role in achieving their vision – every youth empowered through mentoring by building communities and uplifting capabilities.

VOA contributes to MASg by enabling greater mentoring effectiveness through technology. The WeConnect platform will be used to support the work of these organisations, each with their own mentoring programs and duration. WeConnect allows mentors to better facilitate the mentoring journey.

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