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One of my sales representative who sells in a deteriorating market shared that she has heard nothing but bad news every day, and from a once highly motivated person, she now thinks only of the negative stuff. Our conversation lasted for months and today she has overcame negativity and I have learnt a very important lesson from her:

We live in a world where there is hate, destruction and evil present everywhere we look. Just listen to the news for a bit and you’re bombarded with sad stories about killings, murders, fights, wars and so much other negative things that it’s easy to feel let down by humanity. We hear about some kind of bad or negative news daily and there’s so much more that we don’t hear about, too. Yes, the world we live in is anything but pretty, causing many to wonder when their time will come when they end up on the news. And because we hear so much bad news all the time, we end up living in fear or are constantly depressed, filled with this sense of gloom or darkness.

I believe that “not so good” stuff happen for a reason

But that’s no way to live. Although there are bad things happening all around us, it’s better to focus on the good of humanity, which is still abundant and present all over the world. From local charities or organization to worldwide efforts to help the less fortunate, it’s better to focus on all the good in the world than the bad. Many times, these stories aren’t always on the news, but thanks to social media, they’re now getting the attention they deserve and are providing everyone with hope in a better world. Faith in humanity is slowly being restored with every social media post on someone giving back to their community or any selfless act they impose on the world for good. It’s these types of things that should resonate deep within you so that when you hear about all the bad stuff, you’ll remember that good is all around.

This should also inspire you to go out and do some good yourself to combat all the bad that you’ve been hearing about. You’ll feel better about yourself and the world and will inspire others to do the same. So the next time you hear about some horrible story in your city, remember all the good stories you’ve recently come across or go out and try to counteract that bad by doing something good for the world. You’ll automatically feel better yourself and the world around you and will feel like you have purpose on this earth.

A “tough” story or situation molds us to become overcomers, and then, to become winners

Personally, I believe that “not so good” stuff happen for a reason too, and it is often to prune you to become stronger and better. And because people such as Thomas Edison, Howard Schultz and Walt Disney did not give up, we now have the light bulb, Starbucks and Disneyland. A “tough” story or situation molds us to become overcomers, and then, to become winners.


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