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Do you have a principle, a motto or a life statement you live by; A way of living that guides your every action? If you do, what is it? How has it affected your life? If you don’t and you need one, what would it be? What is your way of living?

If you look at my CV, you will see the words

“To Make a Positive Impact” right across the top.

I was a helpful kid. I remember standing up to my parent’s friends when they were punishing their children. I would mediate and now that I think of it, strangely, they listened to me. Classmates with problems would come to me and I would always go out of my way to help them. My parents used to ask me.

“Why do you do all these things? How do you benefit?”

I have no idea but for as long as I could remember, I have always placed the emphasis on whomever I interact with. And when I hit my twenties, I hit a phase where I started questioning the purpose of life. Somehow decided I needed a purpose statement and the phrase that popped up was “To make a positive Impact”.

I realized its been something that I had been living and its guided my every move, every choice. If something didn’t end well, like say I have an argument with someone, I would go back and make amends and see if I can change the outcome and make it positive instead.

I heard this story a long time back. A very powerful king at the height of his glory having won battles after battles mused that one day, he too will fall. He told his subjects to bring him an object that will remind him to remain humble at his height and to not be too down if and when he does fall. They went out and far and finally sought out the advice of a wise sage on the top of the mountain and they brought back a ring with the inscription:

This Too Shall Pass”

I will continue living my life statement “To Make a Positive Impact”. Everything is but a passing phase and why not make every phase as good as I can possibly make it? What is your life statement?

Terence Quek,
Emergenetics International – ASIA PACIFIC


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