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As a young man, I had big aspirations: I dreamt of wealth and fame, of houses and cars. Financial prosperity was important to me, and I strived hard to achieve my ambitions. Thus, when I was supporting my family with barely thirty thousand dollars a year, I thought I had failed. With a second child on the way, I was struggling to make ends meet. My dream slipped away – there was no way I could make it big in the finance sector as I inched closer to a dead end. I tried to move into higher paying industry, but recruiters everywhere told me the same thing:

“Your education is finance, your experience is finance. It’s too late to change career path when you’re already in middle management.”

I have been chasing the wrong things

However, I put up a good fight. I started a new business parallel to my day job, acquired new competencies, attended seminars, read sales and marketing books and studied English all in an attempt to be hired for an international assignment. Eventually, I did make it, becoming an expat in Hong Kong, earning ten times what I had earned two years before. I thought I have achieved my aspirations, and life was perfect.


Then came 2000, when the Internet Bubble busted. Stocks plunged, and my company’s performance plummeted. I moved to Singapore in the hope of keeping my position, but a merger occurred, and I was not appointed the Chief Financial Officer of the merger. To make matter worse, my marriage fell through, and I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia, an incurable condition of the bone marrow. All at once, everything came tumbling down, and I was a broken man.


In that moment, I realized that my whole life, I have been chasing the wrong things. My career compromised every aspect of my life; I was so consumed by financial success that I forgot to live. Even when I had achieved my naive aspirations of twenty years ago, I neglected my well-being, my loved ones, and never truly lived my life. In that moment, I visualized a fresh start. I visualized starting a new life, a new business that would help millions of people improve their lives. I visualized that I’m healthy, fit and energetic, that I love and am loved by family and friends.

My marriage fell through, and I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia, an incurable condition of the bone marrow. All at once, everything came tumbling down

Today, I’m an entrepreneur and the CEO of an international business that empowers people. I’m remarried to an amazing wife. Through all the ups and downs, I have realized what is truly important in my life. It was not easy finding the right answer but I adjusted, I changed, I adapted – I never allowed myself to be stuck and I not once did I let myself give up. I followed my heart, pressed the restart button times and again, and I never looked back.

Dave Osh,
Co-Founder & CEO
Zyclos / Varlinx


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