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In the past, when we get off work, we really do get off work. Our off time is no longer our own and even when we are travelling, we are expected to respond to work mails.

There’s no easy way around this other than through careful planning. Firstly, make sure impatient clients know when your off days are. Assure them you will respond when you can. This might reduce unnecessary phone calls during your free time.

Next, fix a time to check your emails and keep to it. This helps to free your mind from work when you are spending time with your family.

Then, try to get your family to do things together. I have 2 sisters and we all stay in different places. My family, consisting of my parents, both sisters, and my darling nephews, take breakfast together every Sunday. Sometimes, we linger and do some shopping together but mostly we just sit together and have a meal.

Another thing you can do is perhaps run errands together. Plan your grocery shopping in advance and make it a fun trip for you and the kids. Maybe, you could shop at a location near grandma’s, so you can shop together and have a meal as well.

In this time, it really isn’t easy to spend as much time as we would like to with family. However, with good planning, we will still be able to slip in some time. And always remember to be present so you make the best use of whatever time you get.

How do you balance work and family during your free time?

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