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A Big Step Of Faith

“Every step I take will only take me to someplace better.”

I remember telling myself this seventeen years ago when I left my job as a career banker. I had a great job and was considered one of the luckier ones, as I was hired before I graduated from university.

After thirteen years of working in the bank, I had reached a decent income and a stable position to live comfortably for the next fifty years of my life. Coming from a conservative and traditional family, my parents were very happy for me and for the most part, I too thought I was happy.

There must be more. I was meant for more than this


Happiness however is subjective – how does one even begin to define it? I woke up one day, and the typical idea of happiness, financial success, stability and security stopped making sense to me. I felt an uneasy discomfort one that I had not known before. My internal dialogue repeatedly called out “There must be more. I was meant for more than this”

By this time I had migrated to Australia and my awakening had started to happen. I saw things I never saw before. My senses were blossoming like a bud to a fully mature flower. Now I had gained a clear consciousness of what I wanted. My calling was to not merely live but to live a life of purpose.

It was of paramount importance to me that I just followed my heart

I abandoned my existing comforts to go on a journey of soul-searching, eagerly trying to figure out how I could live life with fulfillment. Six years later I had gained new skills and I decided to start my own business. Today I help others break out of their comfort zone, to take the leap and become better at what they do.

People look at me and call me a risk-taker, praise me for being brave. When I made that leap, however, the word brave did not even cross my mind. It did not occur to me that I was doing something crazy, or atypical, I just did what I felt I needed to do. I sacrificed a lot of creature comforts but knew it was temporary. It was of paramount importance to me that I just followed my heart. That is pretty much how I have always lived life. I have the belief that if I could earn $100,000 a year, I could definitely earn that and more in the future. With that in mind, I pushed forward, free of doubts and worries. I listened to my inner calling, and had complete faith that life could only get better from there.

Sylvia Fernandes,
Founder & CEO
VIA Frontiers Pte LTd


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