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There are some simple things that we do that make us happy. For some, hanging out with friends, reading a book or even sleeping gives immeasurable happiness. Well, not for me. Here are some things that never fail to brighten my day.

1) I grew up during the times of monochrome CRT screens, five-and-a-quarter inch floppy disks and XT computers. Where am I leading to, I still enjoy playing computer games! Only that the range and depth of the games available nowadays are mind-boggling, and new ones are released way before I complete the older ones. Talking about games, it’s not only the digital ones that I enjoy. I like playing board games with real opponents too.

2) Ever wondered if the words ‘to diet’ meant choosing carefully when and what to eat, and not
simply “how much you consume”. Thus… I eat, frequently, a little at a time, and most importantly… I eat what I like!

3) There are also other simple pleasures in life that never fail to make me happy. A haircut, the
occasional ice cream, or sitting by the beach & watching the clouds roll by. The list just goes on.

Now then, what are some things you do to keep yourself happy?



Anthony Mok,
Volunteer & Ambassador,
Voices Of Asia



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