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Tang Li Chow

 Tang Li Chow

Work Experience

Li Chow graduated with a computer engineering degree and worked in an IT role that designed, developed and deployed systems at our national airline. There was an organizational restructure and he agreed to a colleague’s request to help revamp the IT Training department. Then the dot com boom came and Li Chow left to join an e-Learning company in a post-sales customer relationship management role. This was where he picked up skills in communication and marketing that he still uses today. His former manager in the e-Learning company invited him to join her at Philips where she was setting up the People Development function. This was his first full-fledged HR-type of learning & development role. He analyzed training needs, designed and sourced for solutions. This was also where he cut his teeth in facilitating workshops in leadership development for managers across the region. He then joined an outsourced semiconductors assembly & testing company, also in a L&D role. This was where he gained some experience in recruitment and employee relations. Li Chow then moved on to his current employer of ten years in a regional talent management role. He also spent a year and a half heading up the HR team in Singapore. Here, he helped developed teams and leaders, supported managing of high potentials, as well as assisted in organizational change and culture building efforts.

Personal interests & aspirations

Li Chow finds it challenging but fulfilling working with people and this makes his job also one of his passions in life. Because he is driven by the sense of achievement he gets from tackling challenges, he is not averse to putting in a lot of hard work and pushing himself to learn and try new things. He hopes to continue learning and working on his development opportunities so that he can impact lives in a more meaningful way.

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