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Sharmila Khandkar

 Sharmila Khandkar
  Knorex Pte Ltd
  Career, Family, Self-Worth


Work Experience

Sharmila is a human resource professional and a psychologist. She has experience in workplace performance counselling, career planning and sports performance counselling. Sharmila has also worked with families and young children with school-related issues such a learning disability and parenting.

Besides family and work, Sharmila has been an athlete growing up and she believes that sports have helped her to learn many important life skills. She also believes that education plays a huge role in personal development.

Personal interests & aspirations

Integrity, commitment and giving her fullest are key values that Sharmila lives by. She also stands by one key advice to teenagers and young adults. That is to put in an all out effort in order to enjoy a good career and gain credibility as an adult.

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