Sanjiv Agarwal, HR Director (SEA), Swiss Re

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Sanjiv Agarwal, HR Director (SEA), Swiss Re

  Sanjiv Agarwal
  Swiss Re - Singapore
 Career, Family, Self-Worth


Work Experience

Sanjiv is currently working at Swiss Reinsurance Company at Singapore, as HR Director for South East Asia. Prior to joining Swiss Re, he has worked as the HR Head (South Asia) and HR COO for HSBC’s global operations. He is a seasoned HR professional with extensive experience across banking/financial services and hospitality sectors over a spectrum of HR functions including Relationship Management, Operations Excellence, Learning & Talent Management, Risk & Financial Governance and Transformation projects. He brings two decades of professional leadership roles spread across seven countries supporting multi-generational workforce with diverse cultural contexts. Sanjiv is an IIM Bangalore alumni, having recently completed an Executive Master’s degree in HR Management from Cornell University – New York, and he is also a certified trainer by Ken Blanchard.

Personal interests & aspirations

Sanjiv strongly believes that every individual has immense potential even though some get to explore their strength and talents more so than others. To him, the biggest challenge in our lives is to find the key that helps unlock our true potential. If we can help unlock potential in each individual, the world will be a very different place to live in.

Sanjiv approaches people’s choices and beliefs with an open mind. He is a non-judgmental individual and finds it really helpful to identify the underlying drivers that lead people in their choices and actions. Sanjiv is not religiously inclined but at the same time, not an atheist. He believes in a supreme power that balances this universe through nature but he can appreciate that religion provides immense faith and hope to people. Sanjiv grew up in a family with religious beliefs; hence he is very comfortable with people’s religious choices irrespective of his personal preferences.

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