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 Kelvin Kong
 Fast moving consumer goods, FMCG  Self worth, Family, Relationships


Work Experience

Kelvin brings with him over 15 years of outstanding sales and marketing, and talent development expertise, representing some of the best companies on the planet including Apple, DHL Express & Unilever. His familiarity with both the business and operation support side of things, coupled with his natural ability to lead and coach, made him exceptional at helping the organizations he worked with establish a talent management framework that is linked to business strategies, thus achieving tangible results.

As a business leader, Kelvin is a dynamic manager and coach. He speaks regularly at international conferences and has coached and mentored sales and customer service professionals across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Highly motivated teams who consistently achieved their goals are the hallmarks of his leadership. As a trainer, Kelvin is an energetic facilitator who engages his participants with ease and draws everyone into discussions effortlessly. Those who have sat in his classes, which include secondary students, working professionals and CEOs alike, leave his sessions energized, inspired and raring to go.

Kelvin was awarded the Company Best Trainee in the Commando Special Forces Basic Military Training program in 1999. He was also awarded the Platoon’s Best Trainee and the Sword of Merit during the Singapore Officers’ Cadet School Training in the same year.

Personal interests & aspirations

Kelvin has a heart for people, and is fired up to make a difference through teaching, mentoring or by simply being able to offer a listening ear. To ensure that he supports people from a more holistic perspective, Kelvin has strengthened his counseling techniques in the areas of family, youth and life coaching.

Kelvin is also the Founder of Voices Of Asia.

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