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Cham Lark Ang

 Cham Lark Ang
 Johnson & Johnson Vision Care - Singapore
  Career, Self-Worth


Work Experience

Cham Lark is an experienced HR leader who has worked in various industries with a proven track record in both senior business partnering and regional HR team management, delivering a full range of customer-focused HR practices & frameworks; and implementing cost-effective HR solutions to support driving desired business outcomes. Her key areas of strengths include change management, compensation & benefits, employee relations & employment framework in a fast-paced, complex & diverse region, through a consultative, collaborative and inclusive project & programme management approach.

Personal interests & aspirations

Audrey lives by a work hard ethos and makes the effort to take stock of what she has done each day, taking care to be grateful for both the good and bad events that take place each day. Her core belief is that we will be able to give and share something positive (love, respect, kindness, gratitude) to other people, only if we know how to appreciate the gifts and sharing others give to us, no matter how big or small or good or bad, and to understand that sometimes what others share could very well be the best of what they can give at that point in time. Audrey values integrity, and appreciate when people are open to constructively share their thoughts and beliefs, as it is through communication that we better understand ourselves and other people.

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