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Our hearts are full

Every simple thank you from our mentees and mentors makes our day. We would like to share our joy with you.

“For 10 years, I work for a Japanese electronics company in Singapore and I work long hours. A year ago, I was lost. I didn’t know what I really want out of my career. So I approached Voices Of Asia.

Grace, my mentor, showed me that I was not alone. She shared how she found her purpose at work. With her, I found my career goal, and now everything points towards that. It was really such a great feeling and I am grateful and thankful to her.”

- Juri, Operations

My name is Ahmad, an IT Manager in a local bank. When I first started working in Singapore, I had no friends and I often felt like I belonged to a different world. Kelvin, from Voices Of Asia took time to speak to me, and helped me to build better relationships with my colleagues. I am now part of a family. Thank you very much…

- Ahmad, IT Manager

“Hi my name is Liz, and I am a vet. I love animals and I love my job very much, but sometimes, I spend too much time with them. As a result, my love life fell into problems. My mentor from Voices Of Asia has helped me to look at priorities in life, work out key actions, and commit to making changes. Today, I still can love animals, and I also learn to spend quality time with my family. Thank you Voices Of Asia”

- Liz, Vet

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