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Voices Of Asia’s Mentees KOPI@Starbucks – Wednesday Weekly

 Kelvin Kong
Starbucks @ Bishan CC, Singapore
 5 Jul 2017



Are You An Undergraduate Looking For A Mentor To Help You Deal With The Pressures Of Life?
Register and join us for coffee at Starbucks. Learn about how you can receive support to take you through life’s rollercoaster rides, join a passionate community, and give back to society thereafter. This is an informal KOPI and chitchat session so just drop by and hang out with us.

Who should come?

Undergraduates from Singapore wanting to learn more about the workplace, and is committed to a mentoring relationship for at least 6 months. You should have already

What’s in it for you?

This session will hopefully answer all the questions you have regarding the Mentoring Project with Voices of Asia before you embark on the one-year journey with your mentor. The Mentoring Project lets you gain access to a support network of fellow undergraduates as well as mentors from across various industries.


Starbucks @ Bishan Community Club
51 Bishan Street 13
Singapore 579799

About our speaker

Kelvin brings with him over 15 years of outstanding sales and marketing, and talent development expertise, representing some of the best companies on the planet including Apple, DHL Express & Unilever. His familiarity with both the business and operation support side of things, coupled with his natural ability to lead and coach, made him exceptional at helping the organizations he worked with establish a talent management framework that is linked to business strategies, thus achieving tangible results.

Kelvin is also the Founder of Voices Of Asia. Read more about him here.

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