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Midweek EMPOWER by Joseph – Career Conversation

 Joseph Wong
 30 Jun 2018



Happening on:

Date: 30 June 2018
Time: 9am-12pm


Career conversation is one of the new levers in engaging future talent and potential. Instead of simply using the conventional coaching methodology, career conversation is carried out with a specific context from the start, and aim to motivate mentees to take a hard look their environment with a specific direction. The intention is so that the coaching and mentoring session is grounded and practical with respect to the business-changing environment.


  • Appreciating the new mindset required of a coach in a career conversation
  • Learning how we can use the 4 cornerstones of the Career Adventure Blueprint (CAB) for precision-coaching
  • Using the CAB to facilitate post-session and follow-up and shift focus from titles to abilities.


Bishan Community Centre

About our speaker

Joseph Wong

Behavioral Transformation Coach

Joseph is a Behavioral Transformation Coach with his expertise centered on Influence, Leadership and Change Motivation. His passion for his work stems from the curiosity for human motivation – “Why people do what they do?”
His signature program, “Ignite Your Influence – Without Authority”, is growing across Asia and aims to close the gap between leaders and their people. Joseph also loves delivering thought-provoking keynotes. “Can Money Really Buy Talent and Happiness?” is one of his anchor keynote for talent development.

Joseph is an author of The Power Science of Influence, which features multiple behavioral strategies to become better influencers and motivators at work. He is on his 2nd book on Influence – “You Are Predictable”.

Joseph’s expertise is featured in the Singapore national media like The Straits Times, The New Paper, The Business Times, Asia One Online, Pioneer Magazine, and Mediacorp 938LIVE. His clientele includes major organizations like Natsteel, Nestle, Danone, Coca-Cola, Baxter, Jebsen & Jessen, CBRE, Panasonic, Infineon, Zurich Insurance and OCBC.

Joseph is a born adventurer. As a former member of the Singapore Armed Forces commando and paratrooper corps, he had been involved in the United Nations Peace-Keeping mission where his mission-critical abilities like leadership and influence abilities were put to the test.

Today, he has mapped those behaviors into his programs and keynotes, reaching thousands of participants that includes individual contributors, first time managers, high potentials, mid-senior managers and C-level executives.

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