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My family has really influenced my life in numerous ways, especially in those that money can’t buy. Needless to say, money is on this list but I will talk about that last. At the end of the day, it boils down to choices and what we, as a family, have decided together.


Increasing the time spent with loved ones is one area. In today’s world, we are easily connected yet we can still feel so distant at the same time. Simple things like surprise visits or a phone call to extended family members (grandparents, parents etc, especially since we are not staying together) are easily replaced by other pressing errands. So this is slowly changing for me as I endeavour to speak with and meet up more often.

Because of my family, I take care of my health, for my own sake and also this is a real & practical way of loving them. A little more time spent on exercising, adding a little more greens in my diet, a little less rush and a little more letting go… All of these add up. I don’t want my health (or the lack of it) to be a burden to my family.

Money is a tricky matter in Singapore, where we cannot live off the land since most of us live in a space somewhere in the air; in case you are wondering, these spaces are more commonly known as apartments. For me, it has meant a more disciplined and careful approach to spending on what I need and what I want.

How has your family influenced you?

Anthony Mok,
Volunteer & Ambassador,
Voices Of Asia

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