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I’m not looking forward to the day I give my girlfriend away, but I can’t deny that it won’t ever happen. It’s just a matter of time. But when I do, it’s going to be the proudest and most joyous moment of my life because I know that her husband will cherish her as much as I do and will love the person she has become…and that’s in part due to me.

And when I say girlfriend, I don’t mean a romantic relationship with another woman. Instead, I’m talking about my daughter.

Now before you take the title the wrong way, I only call her my girlfriend because I’ve been trying to mold her to understand what she should look for in a man and how she should in turn be treated by a man she loves. This way, she understands that men should be loving, kind, supportive – all the great things I’ve been trying to show her since the day she was born – and to love her, like the way God loves His church.

And as I try to set the example of what type of man she’ll later deserve in life when she does start dating, I’ve also been trying to instil in her the kinds of traits any husband will appreciate. I want her future husband to look at her and know that he’s the most blessed person in the world as God places these two into one.

And believe me, molding her to become a great person in life isn’t exactly easy. Parenting isn’t perfect – it’s a process of trial and error. Sometimes things will work and all will run smoothly and other times it’s totally not what you expected and you’ll be challenged greatly along the way. But as my duty as her father, I strive for her to be the best self she can be. I am thankful that my wife and my family does the same for her.

According to the “Dads: Make Every Day Count” article on Focus on the Family (, fathers need to seize everyday with their children, regardless if he has sons or daughters. I’ve learned that everyday is a new opportunity for me to love her and teach her something new. I just need to take advantage of those everyday opportunities and instill the right values in her. To be her best boyfriend up until the day the Lord unites her with the right one. I have learnt too, of the importance of making small daily investments that can make a big impact in my daughter’s life so to help guide her on the right path as she grows up, in the way of the Lord.

So when she finally meets Mr. Right, I’ll be able to give her hand over and be rest assured that I’ve raised a woman filled with confidence, aspirations, love, responsibility and every other wonderful attributes that honours God.

Parents, let’s make everyday count shall we?



Kelvin Kong,
Founder & ambassador
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