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Welcome to VOICES OF ASIA!

Your support in the past 7 years has enabled us to help many people manage transitions and challenges in their lives, thus becoming happier and better everyday. A big thank you from the founding committee and we hope that you will continue to stand by us as we embark on more projects in the years to come.

Our projects started with storytelling in 2010, and while our leader volunteers continue to tell their stories, we started the mentoring project in 2017. This will make our support for individuals even more targeted and measurable, while enabling us to transform lives, a mentee at a time.

Starting 2016, many organizations have also given us a chance to support their talent management projects. The successes we have been seeing are largely attributed to the fact that many of the leaders first made a decision themselves that they want to make a difference. Once the mindset is right, Voices Of Asia stands prepared to empower you to make the impact.

We hope that more of you will step forward to become mentors, and together, we can truly transform lives together. Feel free to reach out to us at contact@voicesofasia.org. We will love to connect. Thank you."

Elroy Tan
Elroy Tan
Director, Voices Of Asia
By 2025, We Aim to
Reduce # of depression cases in Asia by 10%
Increase engagement at work by 30%
Mentor 1,000 people who pay it forward

Mentoring is a loosely used word, but if we can put some structure and accountability to it, many lives can be transformed. Watch these videos to see what thought leaders think about mentoring

Voices Of Asia find a mentor for every struggling
individual to help them OVERCOME and then to

How Do We Do It?
Latest Mentors
YW Lee

YW Lee, Marketing Director, Sodexo Services Asia

 YW Lee
 Sodexo Services Asia

After many years, YW is still unwilling to “settle down and get a proper job”, by…

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William Lee

William Lee, Brand General Manager, The Manhattan Fish Market

 William Lee
 The Manhattan Fish Market

William has been in the Hospitality Industry for the past 25 years. It all started with…

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Chris Chew

Chris Chew, Global Talent & Change Management Manager, AET

 Chris Chew

Chris graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering years ago, practiced it for a short while…

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Audrey Ang

Audrey Ang, Regional HR Head, ADK Global

 Audrey Ang
 ADK Global

Audrey has more than ten years of HR corporate experience in increasing responsibility including roles within…

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People struggle with challenges at home, at work and within themselves, but yet conventional support structures are not sufficient to help them. If everyone is equipped to mentor, the world be a better place.

Latest Blog
April 20th, 2017   Self

One of my sales representative who sells in a deteriorating market shared that she has heard nothing but bad news every day, and from a once highly motivated person, she now thinks only of the negative stuff. Our conversation lasted for months and today she has overcame negativity and I have learnt a very important lesson from […]

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A Clear Career Goal
November 10th, 2014   Career, Family, Self

What does work mean to you? Why do you work? When my company scaled down its operations in Singapore about 13 years ago, I was asked to work in the US. I had a choice, to either move over or to leave the company. At the time, my dad was unwell. For the first time […]

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November 7th, 2014   Career, Family, Self

Your education is finance, your experience is finance. It’s too late to change career path when you’re already in middle management

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A Big Step Of Faith
November 5th, 2014   Career, Family, Self

“Every step I take will only take me to someplace better.” I remember telling myself this seventeen years ago when I left my job as a career banker. I had a great job and was considered one of the luckier ones, as I was hired before I graduated from university. After thirteen years of working […]

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4 Questions To Help Define Success
November 3rd, 2014   Career, Family, Self

  In one of the coaching sessions, after a long silence, my business coach drew closer to me, looked directly into my eyes and asked me, “Would you consider yourself successful, so far in your life and your work?” My big ego said, “yes, of course”, my heart refused to oblige and however said no.  […]

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October 25th, 2014   Career, Family, Self

As I was clearing my cupboard the other day, I came across a stack of notes I wrote during a workshop many years ago.  This is what I wrote “ My life purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others.” As I reflect on my life experience, living out the purpose of […]

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October 22nd, 2014   Career, Family, Self

With the advent of technology, we are now expected to work or at least respond to emails 24/7.

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Make A Positive Impact
October 20th, 2014   Career, Family, Self

Do you have a principle, a motto or a life statement you live by; A way of living that guides your every action? If you do, what is it? How has it affected your life? If you don’t and you need one, what would it be? What is your way of living? If you look […]

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October 15th, 2014   Career, Family, Self

Who do you aspire to be? A high flyer with a corner office? A globetrotter? At 60, I count myself fortunate, I’m in a position which many would count envious. I’ve taken great positions in 4 different companies, on 4 different continents. I have a beautiful wife and 2 beautiful children. However, the person I’m […]

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Love it Will never fade Happiness forever eternal nothing evil that will not leave us.
October 12th, 2014   Career, Family, Self

There are some simple things that we do that make us happy. For some, hanging out with friends, reading a book or even sleeping gives immeasurable happiness. Well, not for me. Here are some things that never fail to brighten my day. 1) I grew up during the times of monochrome CRT screens, five-and-a-quarter inch […]

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